The Bleythings

Tony and Sarah Bleything have been married for nearly ten years.  They have a growing family of five.  They have three children: Elliott  (4 ½ ), Evelyn (2 ½ ), and Amelia (4 mo).

The Bleythings have been living in the Milwaukee area for the better part of 8 years.  They took leave from the city to pursue graduate degrees (Tony – Master of Divinity, Sarah – Physician Assistant Studies).  It was during Tony’s second year of seminary that the couple received a very strong word from the Lord to return to Milwaukee.   Ministry in the city of Milwaukee has been at the center of their thoughts and dreams ever since.

When the Lord called Sarah and Tony back to serve in Milwaukee he was also preparing a way for Sarah. Six months before Sarah’s graduation from PA school, The 16th Street Community Health Clinic extended an offer to work with them. Sarah has working for this community clinic in the heart of the Milwaukee Hispanic/Latino community ever since. Everyday Sarah is brought face to face with the needs of Milwaukee’s most vulnerable.

After returning to Milwaukee Tony spent three years working as an assistant pastor of youth ministry for Eastbrook Church.  During this time, the Bleythings purchased a home in the Riverwest neighborhood of the city.  It did not take long for Riverwest to root itself in the hearts of the Bleything family.

In 2009, the Lord took Tony away from his ministry in the city for a season of refreshment and encouragement.  During this time, Tony began working for Nashotah House Theological Seminary as the Director of Distributed Learning and Educational Technology.  It was at ‘The House’ that Tony was immersed in the life of Anglicanism and began to realize his call more deeply.  Tony embraced Anglicanism and is a postulant for Holy Orders with The Anglican Mission in the Americas.  During Tony’s time at The House, the Lord did not just bring Tony to a place of theological rest; he also used the season to expand Tony and Sarah’s heart for Milwaukee. Conversation after conversation brought an ever increasing conviction that the Lord was calling them to new work in Milwaukee. The Bleythings feel poised and ready to give their life over to the development of Missional Anglican Churches throughout the neighborhoods of Milwaukee beginning with their old neighborhood, Riverwest.